How Two Old Guys Found A Way To Find An Old Friend For Free!

Two old guys Harry and Steve were sitting in their favorite cafe in the middle of Gainesville, Virginia. They had lived and worked together for nearly fifty years, and now that they where retired they often met in Luigi’s cafe just of the mall. Starbucks wasn’t really their scene. As they got older however they started to reminisce about their old friends and one in particular called Loyd.

In their youth Harry and Steve were the reckless ones, they were the ones that went to Woodstock and they were going to change the world. Loyd on the other hand was the careful one, although he did go to Woodstock with his two mates, he was the one that everyone thought would marry a nice local girl and settle down in his hometown.

In fact it was Harry And Steve who met the girls and settled down to a life of working on the railway in Gainesville, whilst Loyd took some sort of security job in Washington and pretty much dropped out of their lives. So time was running out and Harry and Steve were quite desperate to get in touch with their old friend, but they did not have much idea how to start their search.

Well the first thing they did was borrow Luigi’s computer and typed Loyd’s full name in the search box. Bingo, hundreds of results. Unfortunately non of the results were for the Loyd they knew. So Loyd obviously had not become rich and famous or his name would certainly have shown in Google’s results.

Meanwhile Luigi was also taking an interest in what they were doing and suggested that they tried searching on Facebook for their friend. After seeing the blank looks on the faces of his two customers he took the computer off them and did the search himself. Once again it was surprising how many results came up, and after looking at them for nearly two hours, neither Steve nor Harry could decide if any of them were in fact their long lost friend.

Being stubborn old boys they really would not let this rest, it became something of a matter of life and death to connect with Loyd but they really had no idea how to do it. They certainly did not want to spend any money finding their friend but were a bit stumped as how to go about doing it for free.

This time it was Luigi’s daughter Teressa who came to the rescue and helped with the Google search, and knowing that they did not want to spend any money typed in the phrase “find an old friend for free”, and here they hit pay dirt, one of the results was for a website that offered free search results for a 24 hour period.

After that finding Loyd was a breeze and after correctly guessing that he may still be in Washington they found his whereabouts in less than five minuets, and without having to spend any money to do it.

All they have to do now is get in touch and organize the party, it should be a good one!

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